How Obama Is Poisoning Immigration Reform

How Obama Is Poisoning Immigration Reform

Obama’s style of authoritarian rule, in opposition to democracy itself, continues despite the threat of a suit brought by Speaker John Boehner. Ignoring the American law-making process, Obama now seeks to pass immigration reform like an imperial decree, possibly poisoning immigration reform permanently.

Using the current rise in immigrants as an excuse, Obama is once again attempting a run-around of the legitimate law-making body of America to single-handedly define immigration reform and policy for the U.S. The White House is attempting to defend this move by pointing to the humanitarian crises being caused by the influx of immigrants across our borders in recent months. But here is where the facts don’t add up.

The President has already asked Congress to make the necessary changes for dealing with the rise in the number of immigrants by making deportation quicker and giving him nearly $4 billion to combat immigration. For those following this story, you might wonder why you thought it was $2 billion. It was. But, Democrats will be Democrats. So, the price has nearly doubled in the last few days.

So, if Congress has already been tasked with doing all this to counter the current problem, what in the world needs to be done through executive action? Well, there is the rub. Obama is seeking to draft comprehensive immigration law and, simply put, Congress has not been invited to the table. As Congress is already dealing with the actual problem we’re facing now, Obama’s attempt at tying executive action to the current issue is simply untrue. I just wanted to be crystal clear on this matter – Obama is not crafting immigration policy to deal with the current crisis on our border – he handed that job to Congress already. Instead, he’s brazenly using it as an excuse to simply do as he wishes and ignore the U.S. system of making laws.

For this reason and more, Sen. Rand Paul is putting his foot down and calling out Obama. In a July 2 interview, he noted on Hannity:

Well, here’s the question, Eric. Didn’t we finance and fund and legislate for a fence nearly 10 years ago? Why was it never built? … I am for some form of immigration reform, but I’ve steadfastly said I can’t vote for something that doesn’t have border security first.

Right now, we have a humanitarian nightmare down there, with every child from Central America wanting to come across the border. You can’t have a beacon to the whole world to come unless you have a secure border. So that’s why many of us conservatives have been saying we have to secure the border first.”

Ironically, this is one of the few concessions conservatives have asked for of the Obama administration. If you’re going to control immigration, you must secure the border first. How can you reasonably change how immigrants arrive in this country if you can’t control them simply walking across wherever they wish? You can’t. Instead of dealing with this central issue, Obama threatens to derail immigration permanently and poison the well on any meaningful, future talks. As Paul notes:

“President Obama now threatens to enact immigration reform by executive fiat. He says he’s got his phone and his pen and he will use them. If he takes his royal pen in hand and beckons the world to come across our borders without adequate border security, it will be a disaster for the country, and it will be the death knell for any meaningful bipartisan immigration reform.”

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Written by Mark Davis


(Photo courtesy of Beth Rankin, via Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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