How is the NSA Really Leaking News

How is the NSA Really Leaking News

For anybody who actually thinks about it the NSA and intelligence agencies looking at information and gaining more cyber information shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  In fact, it isn’t a surprise to me.


The thing that I am most surprise of is that first off Snowden, while he was sitting there sending this stuff out, nobody in the NSA caught him.  He also found a way to not only slip out of town, but leave the country.


Edward Snowden in my mind is like the double-edged sword.  On one side he is making people aware of collecting data who were not aware of it before.  I guess they were napping… And the other side is that the guy has violated all kinds of rules and regulations in law.


I don’t really like the ‘Ends Justify the Means’ kind of thinking because what it does is sets people up on this path where one says it’s ok for me to violate anything as long as I do it for a noble cause.


The downside of that is that there becomes a certain lawlessness in society.  I believe that is particularly troublesome because that means that we can do whatever we want as long as in our own mind we can justify this.


Also on the downside side is the whole method by which homeland security and the NSA are spying on every individual US citizen. I think that has value.


The surprising thing is that even though they have this whole apparatus, we are not catching the most destructive terrorists, like those behind the Boston Marathon.  The only ones we are catching are very small fish that are sloppy in handling their affairs.  Then we have a White House who wants to treat terrorists as if they were soldiers in war and prosecute them under regular laws.  We are not fighting a war in a way that is kind of… winnable.


I guess I am less surprised about the NSA than most people because I just know that this is going on. 


The fact that Snowden COULD end up with the Nobel Peace Prize basically calls to question in my mind the Nobel prize business.  First of all, they gave it to President Obama on the hope that he would actually do something.  I wonder if the guys who voted for him are happy that he is droning the crap out of a whole bunch of people around the globe and just blowing them up.  He may have all the reasons for doing it but he is doing it nevertheless.


Now those qualified to nominate Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize want to reward him for bad behavior. 


To sum up my opinion of Snowden in a word: conflicted.  I am glad that people are awake to the fact that the NSA is out there doing this, and on the other hand the fact that how he did it creates a serious problem for all of us, which is are we a nation of laws, or are we lawless in what we do? 


A postscript of course is that Snowden ends up cozying up to the bastion of liberty which are the good old boys from the Russian Federation which are not known for being very good with human rights.


If you agree with me, please like comment and share.  If you disagree and think that Snowden deserves a Nobel Peace Prize please comment defending him.


(Photo Courtesy of RR Andersson via Flickr Creative Commons)



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