How Can Anyone In The Tea Party Support Trump?

How Can Anyone In The Tea Party Support Trump?

In 2010 we saw Sarah Palin, the “de facto leader of the Tea Party”, as Rand Paul said in one interview, endorse Paul in his campaign for being a Senator. Well, times have apparently changed and now Sarah Palin endorses Trump.

Naturally, Rand Paul is “boggled” with the fact that Palin endorses Trump and asks why anyone in the Tea Party would do that?

In a radio interview for “Kilmeade and Friends” on Fox News, Paul expressed his doubt as to whether Trump is a real conservative or not:

“In many ways he may be a fake conservative because he supports the abuse of eminent domain, he built his business model on the government taking away people’s private property and giving it to him. It still boggles my mind that anybody in the Tea Party, the movement that I came out of, could really be supporting Donald Trump.”

Palin Indirectly Endorses Paul At Trump Rally

Interestingly enough, Sarah Palin played a big role in Paul becoming the Kentucky Senator when she endorsed his Senate campaign back in the day.

Last week in Iowa she firmly stood behind Donald Trump, but not without giving an indirect nod to Paul and his libertarian streak.

Taking the mic, Palin said:

“Let me say something really positive about one of those individuals: Rand Paul. I’m going to tell you about that libertarian streak in him that is healthy, because he knows, you only go to war if you’re determined to win the war!” (Buzzfeed)

Trump Gets A Mixed Reaction In Iowa

Maybe Palin endorses Trump now, but he did not get the reaction in Iowa he hoped for. The predominantly young crowd didn’t boo him out of the building, but wasn’t very warm to him. A group of about dozen college students even shouted “a vote for Trump is a vote for hate” before being removed, according to The Guardian.

The two, of course, are not strangers and even shared a pizza back in 2011 when Palin was thinking about running for president and was touring the country. How her endorsement will affect Trump’s chances remains to be seen, but she does have a strong pull within the Republican Party.

Were you surprised to hear that Sarah Palin endorsed Trump? Tell us what you think in the comments below and stand with Rand on our Twitter and Facebook pages.



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