How a RED X Could Save Someone’s Life: #ENDITMOVEMENT

How a RED X Could Save Someone’s Life: #ENDITMOVEMENT

Think back to last week. There might have been something that stood out but you were too busy to care or to ask. It’s easy to forget things you see only for a moment. Something might seem off but, eh, it’s a small detail and you have other things to do. A RED X is easy to spot but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The #ENDITMOVEMENT brings attention to something that should have ended centuries ago: human slavery.

Maybe you noticed the people drawing a red x on their hands for the #enditmovement last week. Maybe you didn’t. It’s the small details that count so are you paying attention?

Modern-day slavery comes in many forms from child labor in third world countries to human trafficking in your own backyard. The Super Bowl is considered the largest sex trafficking event in the United States each year, according to Forbes. But not every sex trafficker is bold enough to run an online ad.

“The real crime is happening when no one’s looking and no one cares, not when every media outlet, advocate and cop has its sights set on it,”  writes Rachel Lloyd for the HuffPost.

The symbol of a red X is a poignant reminder to speak up when you see something unusual. The #ENDITMOVEMENT picked a day, Feb 27th , to SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY, but every day is a day to end something that shouldn’t exist.

Celebrities marked their hands red and even Atlanta Hawks guard Kyle Korver played against the Boston Celtics with a red X. But eventually the red fades, the blogger at Just Saskia reminds us. What you do next is what matters.

Are people really paying attention? Wear a red X on your hand and test them. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the #ENDITMOVEMENT here and make sure you let us know what you’re doing to help end modern-day slavery by leaving a comment below or on Facebook!



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