How A False Conservative Undermines The GOP Race

How A False Conservative Undermines The GOP Race

In another blow against The Donald, Rand Paul has called out the egotistical hairpiece that is a real estate developer for being a “false conservative”. In a damning piece on Fox, Paul outlined the weak points of Trump’s buzz word rich, and solution poor campaign. Trump has proven to be long on reaching out on hot button issues, and saying things to whip up the fringe groups of the GOP, but short on real world answers that don’t read like something from an online message board.

It’s easy to find hot button political issues, and it’s easy to take radical, hardline positions while trying to appeal to the masses, but this is what makes a person a false conservative, not a real contender for the highest office of the land. In a recent television ad, Paul’s campaign reminded the world about Trump’s past of identifying as a Democrat, and a number of other hypocritical actions on his part.

Trump is trying to make the campaign a battle of ego and hyperbole, and uses that to deflect Paul’s efforts to focus on issues and solutions. When the depths of his hypocrisy is revealed, Trump goes on a blustering defensive slamming everyone and everything around him in an effort to deflect attention and bring the discussion back to him.

While that might work on a schoolyard playground or in the baser comment sections of online forums, this is the real world, and we need visionaries like Rand Paul to offer real world solutions to real world problems. Paul is right to focus on Trump and his many shortcomings, as Trump has taken an unfortunate center stage in what should be a very serious campaign. We as a nation simply do not have the time for the nationalistic jingoism that is spewing from Trump’s mouth. Instead we must return our attention to serious candidates like Paul and ignore the siren call of ignorance and hip campaigning.

We have a false conservative running around taking the spotlight away from real conservatives, and this is bad for America. The conservative movement must now tailor its message to either adhere to the lowbrow message Trump offers, or spend time fighting it, and the liberals must now spend their time running in opposition to Trump’s madness. Win, lose or draw an entire presidential election campaign focused on deflecting or supporting one out of touch man’s ideals is an affront to American politics. I think left, right or middle of the road, we can all agree that some men, and some methods just have no place in American politics. What do you think? Is Rand Paul right to fight The Donald? How bad for America is this false conservatism? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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