“Hillary Democrats” Didn’t Stand A Chance, Says Paul

“Hillary Democrats” Didn’t Stand A Chance, Says Paul

Have you ever noticed how Rand Paul is Democrat-friendly? He’s probably a better Democrat than most Democrats when it comes to civil liberties, anti-war, the War on Drugs and just generally wherever Democrats have a good point. However, let’s talk about “Hillary Democrats”…

Almost every candidate Clinton campaigned for lost,” Rand notes on Breitbart. “Those include Georgia’s Michelle Nunn, Iowa’s Bruce Braley, North Carolina’s Kay Hagan, and Kentucky’s Alison Lundergan Grimes.”

“Somebody should ask Hillary Democrats why they got wiped out…Clearly, Hillary is yesterday’s news,” Paul said in an email to Breitbart News.

They didn’t stand a chance, according to the Kentucky Senator on FOX News:

What’s important is that the Democrats tried to separate out and say they were Clinton Democrats or they were Obama Democrats, because they knew how unpopular President Obama was. But it turns out, most voters don’t think there’s much difference between being a Clinton Democrat or an Obama Democrat. If you look at their policies down the line, they’re pretty much well in-line with each other on almost every major issue of the day.”

Try out this additional nugget on Hillary that should make you go “hmm” from the progressive political commentator, Cenk Uygur:

Partisan Democrats are like ‘Yay, she’s got a Clinton at the end of her name and I know her, she’s a woman and…'”, says Uygur, “but none of that means anything.”

“Look at her, she went to Goldman Sachs and got paid $400,000 to tell the bankers they’re misunderstood. That’s insanity. You talk about Rand Paul being on her left on War, but he’s also on her left on War on Drugs, he’s also on her left on civil liberties…”

“If Rand Paul has outflanked you on the left, you might not be a Democrat.”

You know something is seriously weird when the conservative candidate is actually better at being progressive than the progressive candidate. Some of the key topics that people care about in America are our foreign policy—mostly in terms of war—and domestic policies like the War on Drugs and our civil liberties. Honestly, the country as a whole leans left on these issues—and it should. We don’t and shouldn’t like going to war, we should be in favor of legalization of at least marijuana, and we should be very mindful of losing our civil liberties.

So you can kind of see how it’s going for Rand. The opportunity looks perfectly set for him to run for, and probably take the White House. Rand Paul is Democrat-friendly right now. Much more so than ACTUAL democrats! And even DEMOCRATS are saying that! Thanks Cenk!

Think about it! The guy is less of a war-hawk than Clinton, he’s against the federal criminalization of Mary Jane, and he’s all for keeping your privacy as… well… private as it can be!

So… My final verdict—and I would’ve told you this years ago—is that Rand Paul is probably going to be our next grand poo-pah commander-in-chief. . . Unless something seriously screws up.

Let me hear from you. Even though Rand Paul is Democrat-friendly… do you guys think Democrats even care about that? Or do you think people will vote on their brand-loyalty? Send a tweet or comment on Facebook!

Written by Bryan Smith


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