Hillary Clinton’s War Tactics Scaring Democrats

Hillary Clinton’s War Tactics Scaring Democrats

Will Democrats want a war hawk? Now that must sound like an odd question. However, when it comes to the left, there really is only one Democratic nominee and she prefers the beat of war drums. This could send Democrats and Independents running away from Hillary Clinton towards Sen. Rand Paul, something he noted himself during his Meet the Press interview on Sunday.

For Washington Post’s David Ignatius, the idea that a Republican is to the left of a Democrat (even if it is Hillary Clinton) on national security issues, is an amazing concept.

Any Democrat who thinks Paul is going to be an easy candidate to shoot at because he’s so far to the right, think again,” said Ignatius on Monday’s Morning Joe.

Most of us are tired of war, but will Rand Paul lose Republicans if he appears too “dovish”? Would, gasp, Republicans vote for Hillary? Would you?

It will all depend on how circumstances in the world play out, according to MSNBC panelist Eugene Robinson on Hardball with Chris Matthews. If the U.S. continues to slide into a deeper mess with Syria and Iraq, something that Robinson sees as a strong possibility, war-weary voters will turn to the candidate saying ‘end the war.’

What do you think? Will Democrats actually vote against party lines because of Hillary Clinton? Tweet us or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

(Photo courtesy of US Embassy New Zealand, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)


WATCH: Hillary Clinton vs Rand Paul on Monday’s Morning Joe
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