Hillary Clinton Raises A Red Flag In Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton Raises A Red Flag In Pennsylvania

While Hillary Clinton says nothing really bad has happened, Americans in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere!) are saying something different.

In Pennsylvania (true blue Pennsylvania!) Rand Paul has taken a single point lead over Hillary (45%-44%) in a Quinnipiac poll. This is quite the swing considering Hillary Clinton was leading over Paul (53%-34%) back in February, according to Breitbart. The email scandal has hit her hard.

Far from being an innocent mistake Hillary could find herself in court over the email scandal. Keeping information secret from Congressional investigations makes obstruction of justice charges possible according to legal scholars on Newsmax TV.

Law Expert on Clinton’s Deleted Emails: ‘You Never Know If You Got To The Center Of It’

William Jacobson, a professor of law at Cornell Law School, told Steve Malzberg that Clinton’s explanation as to why she used a personal email address and server is like “peeling back an onion.”

“You never know if you get to the center of it, and that’s what this whole explanation has been. First, she’s just using personal email, then she’s got her own server, then 30,000 emails were discarded, then they weren’t reviewed, then they were reviewed,” he said.

“And now there’s this whole explanation that supposedly they were well captured on the government system is doubly not true because the government didn’t have proper recordkeeping mechanisms in place while she was secretary of state.

“And … she was emailing with people who weren’t on the government system. This is completely ridiculous.” (Newsmax)

FOIA Expert On Email Scandal: ‘You Can’t Disclose What You Can’t Find’

Or as Dan Metcalfe, a former “information-disclosure guru” for the federal government, says:

“You can’t disclose what you can’t find.”

“I know full well that both what Secretary Clinton arranged to do and what she now has said about that are, to put it most charitably, not what either the law or anything close to candor requires. At a minimum, it was a blatant circumvention of the FOIA by someone who unquestionably knows better and an attempted verbal “cover” of the situation (if not “cover- up”) that is truly reminiscent of years past.” (Politico)

Hillary Clinton has some tough choices ahead of her, to run or not to run, to use clintonemail.com or gmail. The email scandal has damaged her trustworthiness greatly in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Time will tell if she recovers or if Rand Paul can capitalize on what has been a serious violation. What do you think? Charges for Hillary? Join the discussion below or on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Abezier Coppe; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, Flickr CC BY 2.0)


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