Hillary Clinton In Trouble After State Dept’s Revelation About Her E-mails

Hillary Clinton In Trouble After State Dept’s Revelation About Her E-mails

The 2016 U.S Presidential Election is definitely in full swing, and no news story has shaken the campaign of the Democratic Party’s well-known frontrunner to its core as much as Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal has.

For several years, Hillary Clinton representing her party for President seemed all but an inevitable turn in the U.S history books. But in the space of less than a month, she has become more vulnerable and unsteady than ever thanks to her e-mail scandal alone. Recent polls showing growing concern and dissension among voters aren’t helping either.

Most of us should be familiar with Clinton’s e-mail scandal at this point: during her tenure as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, Clinton conducted business by writing multiple e-mails that were sent using her private server. E-mails that many government officials claim held sensitive information and might have compromised national security.

In December of 2014, Clinton actually handed over thirty thousand e-mails to the State Department from her time as Secretary, in the process claiming that no confidential information was sent via the e-mails. But if Clinton said she never revealed any confidential information via her e-mails, then why are several of her publicly released e-mails completely or mostly blacked out?

That’s right. According to the Washington Post, Clinton wrote an e-mail back in late 2009 to former Democratic Senator of Maine, George Mitchell, at the time a peace envoy to the Middle East. But the whole message, one of thousands released by the State Department, has been blacked out, save the opening “George…”

WATCH: Rand Paul on Hillary Clinton’s Emails

But a more heavily overlooked story on the subject is how Rand Paul is getting the best laugh out of the whole e-mail scandal. On Paul’s online store, you’ll find none other than a “100% genuine erased clean e-mail server” for sale, and it even comes complete with a wiping cloth for extra laughs. If something like this is getting sold, you know Clinton is in more trouble than she’d readily like to admit!

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