Highlights From Rand Paul’s Last Day in Iowa (VIDEO)

Highlights From Rand Paul’s Last Day in Iowa (VIDEO)

Three days, eight cities, it wasn’t without its bumps; however, Wednesday marked Senator Rand Paul’s last day in Iowa with visits to the Westside Conservative Club and Iowa GOP Des Moines Victory Office in Urbandale, Iowa. Watch his full speeches from both appearances below!

Some highlights from Rand Paul’s last day in Iowa, thanks to Jennifer Jacobs of The Des Moines Register:

ON ISLAMIC STATE FIGHTERS: “What happened when they attacked Mosul? They ran — the Iraqis ran. People were saying, ‘We need to get back in there,’ and it’s like, ‘Do you really want us to send our sons and daughters to fight for Mosul when the Iraqis won’t fight for Mosul?’ I can’t do that. I look at things in very personal terms. I have three boys. Am I willing to send one of my sons to fight for Mosul? … But will I support the government of (Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al) Maliki? Yeah, there are ways we can support them to try to keep ISIS (a jihadist group operating in Syria and Iraq) from growing, and there are ways we can monitor the situation.”

NO FEDERAL AMENDMENT TO DEFINE MARRIAGE: “I don’t want to register my guns in Washington or my marriage. That may not please everybody, but historically our founding fathers didn’t register their marriages in Washington. They registered it locally at the courthouse. I’d rather see it be a local issue, not a federal issue.”

HOW TO SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY: “Raise the age to 70. It fixes a lot of the problems. Well, people say, ‘That’s heartless.’ Well I say, ‘No, that’s the compassionate thing to help try to save Social Security.'”

BE A MORE WELCOMING PARTY: “We have to have the right policy on immigration, but we can’t be the party that appears not to like people because they’re immigrants. Everybody in here was an immigrant a hundred years ago, probably — your parents, great-grandparents were.”


WATCH: Iowa GOP Des Moines Victory Office (4:26)


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WATCH: Westside Conservative Club (20:40)
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