He Says What Every Father (Even Ron Paul) Wants to Hear

He Says What Every Father (Even Ron Paul) Wants to Hear

It doesn’t matter if you’re the son of a politician or the daughter of a teacher. We all pick up things from our parents. However, when your father is RON Paul and you decide to become a politician as well, it’s hard for the media (and rivals) to ignore the family connection. Of course, it’s going to dig and compare father and son. So is Paul a clone of his father or is he his own man with his own unique take on the world?

In recent months, potential rivals for leadership of the Republican Party have depicted him as an extremist. Before the recent investigations into political abuses by his administration, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said Mr. Paul’s “strain of libertarianism” was “very dangerous.” And Senator Ted Cruz of Texas told donors in New York that in a national campaign Mr. Paul could not escape Ron Paul’s ideological history.

On his father: “We both believe in limited government,” Mr. Paul said. “We believe in a strict, or originalist, interpretation of the Constitution. We both believe that foreign policy has been too overreaching.” (NYT)

But unlike his father, one analyst said, Rand’s in it to win, not educate.

You could say Rand is going for the more mainstream edition of libertarianism. Or maybe libertarianism itself is going mainstream?

“Most people like me — Republican, conservative — have a libertarian streak in them,” said Vin Weber, a lobbyist, ex-congressman and pillar of the party establishment in Washington. “Whereas 20 or 30 years ago, Republicans would say the real world prevents them from acting on their libertarian instincts, today the real world is heightening their libertarian instincts.” (Washington Post)

Plus, how can you knock a guy who still calls his dad ‘his hero’? (Even if there are some underlying resentments regarding a car….)

“My dad was extraordinary in Washington in being genuine, being really liked by people on both sides”, he told David Gregory on Meet the Press. “He went to Berkeley and had 7,000 kids on their feet, he went to Liberty University and had 7,000 conservative Christian kids on their feet. That’s a rare figure in politics, so I would say I’m proud of my dad and what I’m trying to do is bring that message to an even bigger crowd.”

The bottom line for Rand is this: It’s not about “I’m different on this, this, and this.” It’s about “being who I am.” So he says what any father would want to hear from his kid: ‘Dad, you’re my hero, but I’m going to stand up for what I believe in.‘ ‘Oh, and I’m also in the game TO WIN!‘ The legacy of Ron Paul is a hard thing to avoid, but maybe one day it’ll be reversed and Ron will be answering questions about what it’s like to be the father of the President.


(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)


LISTEN: So What Does RON Paul Have to Say About His Son? (Geraldo Rivera, 4/26/13)
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