Government Fails On Social Security… Yet Again

Government Fails On Social Security… Yet Again

The presidential candidates are all weighing in this year on Social Security reform as it’s become a hot topic with voters.

Yet Paul has been championing this in the Senate for years. While the candidates talk about how Social Security funding can be handled, Paul has been battling in the Senate to try and keep it from actually being misused behind taxpayers’ backs.

As the News & Observer reports, candidates are beginning to weigh in with their particular plans. Christie and Rubio are pushing for higher retirement ages, while Bush has proposed people of higher incomes receive less in benefits. Cruz wants to change the way inflation is calculated to reduce monthly Social Security checks and, on the Dems side, Sanders is seeking to raise the cap on how much Social Security can be taken from high income paychecks. For Paul, he is pushing for a gradual increase in retirement age over 20 years, much like it has successfully been done in the past.

Yet, all these plans fail to address a more immediate issue occurring us now. Paul gave a two-hour filibuster last Friday against the Federal Budget that was eventually passed in the House and Senate. This wasn’t the standard budget debate either. Inside the spending bill was a provision to appropriate some $150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund in a smoke and mirrors trick to make the budget seem more balanced. Paul spoke rather bluntly during his speech, calling lawmakers “basically wimps” for not protecting social security, a system already in budget peril, later telling Fox News’ “Happening Now”:

“People are upset about the government taking money from Social Security and spending it on immediate concerns that have nothing to do with Social Security” (NEWSMAX)

Instead of battling to fix Social Security and secure its funding, both the left and the right have agreed on out of control spending, dipping into American’s future retirement funds to meet every day budget needs. So, while candidates try and find a future for social security, Paul stands on the floor now trying to save what there is of it as it is being chipped away at.

Fellow Senator, Mike Lee (R-Utah) gave personal thanks to Paul for his impassioned speech on Facebook. The 3-minute video he posted from Paul’s speech went viral, quickly reaching over 19 million views. Of Paul and the budget, Lee said:

“Last night while you were sleeping the Senate voted to steal $150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund. I joined 34 of my colleagues in a vote to prevent this raid. I would like to thank Senator Rand Paul for leading the fight to protect to Social Security from the thieves in Washington, who seem to think that if they steal from the American people at night while they are sleeping that they will get away with it. I was proud to vote with Senator Paul on his point of order that would have protected Social Security, and I ask you to help me shine a light on what Washington has tried to hide from you in the darkness of night.” (Daily Signal)

WATCH: Rand Paul on Viral Video of His Debt Filibuster Speech

While Paul battles for Social Security reform, Washington continues to whittle away at the funds set aside for it. Do you think Social Security needs help now and not later?? Tell us on Twitter. Also, follow us on Facebook to keep track of current issues and Paul’s continuing fight for us in Washington.

Written by Mark Davis; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of shrinkin’violet, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)



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