Government Bullies Exposed

Government Bullies Exposed

When I was brought up my parents always told me to stand up to bullies. Recently, we have seen a rise in the “stop bullying” campaigns, commercials, and movies throughout the media. Schoolhouse bullies are a big problem but we as Americans face a much bigger bully that a principal can’t help us with. That bully is the American government and its many agencies.

Who can we look to help expose the atrocities placed on us by our own elected officials? Senator Rand Paul examines some of these dubious circumstances that have put everyday law-abiding citizens under the scrutiny of the many federal agencies in America. In his recently released book, Government Bullies, Paul shares the stories of citizens like you and I caught in the grasp of the government’s over-bearing and over-regulated policies. As noted in this excerpt from the book, our rights are easily infringed and ignored:

“Most recently, this past August, Henry Juszkiewicz, the chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corporation, had his company raided by armed federal agents. A half million dollars’ worth of Mr. Juszkiewicz’s property was seized, along with guitars and computer hard drives. His factory was shut down for a day, and his employees were ordered to go home. All this was done to him because he allegedly violated the Lacey Act, yet the Department of Justice has yet to file any formal charges against him.”

Personally, I feel there is just a “bit” of overkill in these actions. Is it truly necessary to use armed agents to levy charges against a guitar company? Half a million in physical property was seized. What we aren’t accounting for is the losses in production and worker pay for being sent home early. Then again, if no actual charges were issued then what was the purpose of the raid at all?

So I guess we can just ball up that 4th amendment and throw it out of the window. If the government is willing to oppress citizens’ rights by consenting to raids and seizures of property without any charges placed, then what value does it have? If a well known and reputable business can be victimized  through such a process then what’s to stop them from doing the same to you? Nothing.

Jack Kenny, who provides an adept review of Paul’s book at The New American, states:

“…if armed agents of the federal government can shut down someone’s business and take half a million dollars worth of property without even charging him with a crime, then you have to wonder if the government itself has not become the nation’s most dangerous criminal.”

The occurrence with Gibson Guitars is just one of many stories Rand Paul covers about the amorphous laws enacted upon citizens from the federal level. Fortunately, in this case no one was incarcerated. But not every victim was as fortunate.

So if we as citizens continue to support these criminal policies are we any different than criminals ourselves? We need to take action against the overwhelming range of vague federal policies that can be used against us. We need to Stand with Rand.

WATCH: Rand Paul Discusses Government Bullies on The Blaze



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