GOP Running From Crucial Debate On Life, Says Paul At IFFC Summit

GOP Running From Crucial Debate On Life, Says Paul At IFFC Summit

Speaking last Saturday at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit (IFFC) in Waukee, Iowa, 2016 presidential hopeful and libertarian Rand Paul tackled the topic that most politicians in America love to avoid. Abortion.

At the IFFC Summit, Paul asked the GOP to stop running away. He criticized the way the Republicans, of which he is a part himself, are ‘retreating’ on abortion.

To point out the fact that Democrats, contrary to popular opinion, do not hold the advantage in the abortion debate, the Kentucky senator pulled out a survey by The Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll from 2014, which says that 84 percent of Americans are not at ease when it comes to third trimester abortion.

This was only a couple of weeks after Paul deftly flipped a question on abortion by asking:

“Why don’t we ask the DNC: is it okay to kill a seven pound baby in the uterus? You go back and ask Debbie Wasserman Shultz if she’s okay with killing a seven pound baby that’s not born yet.” (Red Alert Politics)

“When Does Life Begin?”

On the 16th, Rand Paul addressed the same question as he did Saturday at IFFC and, if anything has only solidified the support from the pro-life movement.

At the Susan B. Anthony List’s Campaign for Life Strategy Summit, Paul argued that, once life begins, the government has an important role in protecting it. Even if it is still in the uterus.

Speaking at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C., Paul said:

“Now some have said to me ‘You’re big on all this liberty stuff, why do you want to restrict a woman’s right to choose?’”

“And I say well you know what? The government does have some role in our lives. One of the main roles the government has is to restrict you from harming another individual.”

“Which gets us back to the original debate: when life begins there is a role for state,” he continued. “It’s not that I’m against people choosing things, I’m in fact one of the biggest believers in choice and liberty.”

“You can’t have liberty if you don’t protect where your liberty originates from, and that’s your right to life.”

“I see these little babies, I mean really tiny babies, 600 grams, a little over a pound,” he said. “I see these  little babies and I put them in the palm of my hand, I think, ‘well gosh, this baby certainly has rights.’” (Red Alert Politics)

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(Photo courtesy of gfpeck, CC BY-ND 2.0)


WATCH: Rand Paul’s Speech at Campaign for Life Strategy Summit



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