Glenn Beck Asks Tough Question: Why Would Anyone Want to Be President?

Glenn Beck Asks Tough Question: Why Would Anyone Want to Be President?

Paul’s standing in the ‘Oval Office’, and I have to wonder, is this it? Is this that moment we’ve all been waiting for? You’ll have to see the clip below for yourself and tell me how “President Paul” looks, but let’s ask a tough question. One that Glenn Beck asked Rand himself: Why would anyone want to be President?

As President, there’s the glory, and then there’s the rest of it. While he’s forever immortalized in American history, he’s also demonized for any failures. There’s no excuses when it comes to being President.

It’s a tough gig when you want to change the United States for the better, but someone’s got to do it, right, Rand?

We’ve all been asking over and over again “Are you going to run for President, Sen. Paul?” but this time Glenn Beck asked a different question on his show. (Okay, he asked the other question too but this one is more intriguing.)

So why would Rand want to be President?

“No one really wants to be President anymore. Because it’s a nightmare. It’s an absolute nightmare. What drives you to sit behind that?” asked Glenn Beck.

What was Paul’s answer?

“…If we keep going in the direction that we are, we’re all going to be enslaved in some way and if we stand up, it’s not too late.”

As Rand sees it, there’s this problem where those in charge keep choosing the easy way out and, sure, it’s the easy way, but is it helping people or hurting them?

If you haven’t asked already, is making people reliant on our government really a good thing? Especially when it has trouble paying its bills?

Why would anyone want to be President? It’s a tough question. It’s easy to complain about the problems, but we need solutions, not words. Maybe we’ll see a Republican president one day or as Glenn Beck puts it “a liberty guy” in the White House. If that’s the kind of future you’re rooting for, then share this post. Spread the message. Start a wildfire for liberty by joining us on Facebook.

WATCH: Take a Peek at “President Paul” in the Oval Office
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