Giving Back to the People:  Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Maysville College

Giving Back to the People: Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Maysville College

Standing before a crowd of various races, faces, and ages, U.S. Senator Rand Paul spoke and answered questions in the Crockett Auditorium at Maysville Community and Technical College on Thursday, Jan. 23.


Along with their different physical features, people of all stages of life—those retired, business owners, students, etc.—made an appearance to see what the senator had to say about their home state of Kentucky.


In his appearance at Maysville, Paul covered and answered numerous topics and questions.


For starters, Paul discussed tax rates. As one would expect, he hopes to lower them. The economy needs a boost, and he believes giving more money to the people instead of the government is the best way to go about this method. This will not be done without any compromise with the Democratic Party, however. But, more forward and importantly, Paul hopes to get one message across to Kentuckians and the rest of the country.


“It isn’t you versus other people, you versus the rich–we’re all in this together,” Paul said. “If we covet our neighbors property, it won’t get any better.”


Of course, one of the main topics addressed was the questioning of the Affordable Care Act. If Paul were president, he said he would make enrolling in the Affordable Care Act a voluntary action and enable more freedom of coverage choices. Paul, having had his 25-year-old son on the Medicaid plan, said the program is taking people in “the wrong direction.”


“We have to get people off Medicaid, not on Medicaid,” Paul said. “It’s a downward spiral… I’m afraid we are going in the wrong direction.”


Paul also answered questions on illegal immigration, which he responded to with an explanation for fixing legal immigration first. This would be done through lengthening work Visa restrictions and restraining immigrants from using Welfare.


Overall, Paul made one solid address of many to his potential Kentucky electors. There are very serious issues at hand, but none of these are too big or disturbing to not be handled—the mindset we need moving forward. And, that is what Paul is all about, moving forward and adjusting to not only do what’s convenient, but also morally correct.


However, we must take care of matters within our own country as a first priority. We are a nation, not an empire.


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(Photo Courtesy of Nicolas Raymond via Flickr Creative Commons)



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