Freedom Of Speech? Watch What You Say Because It Could Cost You Your Job… Even In Spanish!

Freedom Of Speech? Watch What You Say Because It Could Cost You Your Job… Even In Spanish!

Latina actress Maria Conchita Alonso, assuming she had the right to free speech, decided that she would do a commercial for a Californian Tea Party Candidate Tim Donnelly.

California is supposedly the progressive, open land where everybody has a right to say what they should say (unless it is just totally incorrect)… Or so one would think! Maria Conchita Alonso could now tell you differently as she was fired from the Spanish version of the Vagina Monologues because she did a commercial for a Tea Party Governor Candidate.

What amazes me is that anyone who claims to be a supporter of Free Speech would sit there and say that her political views should be a litmus test as to whether she could be an actress or a performer.  Does anybody believe that every actor that says the lines that they are given to say believes implicitly in whatever the message is that is embedded in the play or movie… or is this just another example of Free Speech hypocrisy?



It’s amazing to me how political correctness is just another word for censorship.  I find it amazing and I’ll bet Lenny Bruce, wherever he is and whatever deity he might be believing in, is spinning somewhere because this is absolutely nuts!

The fact that she can go out and make a commercial and have this kind of intimidation and wrongful treatment smacks to me someone who wants to silence speech.


Ms. Eliana Lopez is the producer of ‘Monologogos de la Vagina’ and this tweet was the first of many in which she expressed discomfort with Conchita’s involvement with her show after the commercial was released.

Well… Isn’t what we need is more speech, not less?

Would they have done the same thing if the world were reversed? If she was fired because she said a liberal message and  it was a conservative event?

To me the Tea Party talks about Liberty.  I am a libertarian and I believe that this is an example of where people are being thugs and saying “you know what,  be careful of what you say because you might lose your job, even if you say it in Spanish…”

 If you value your speech in any way shape or form it is time to stop the hypocrisy and political correctness that suppresses those who will speak THEIR beliefs and views.  I have never tried to stop anyone else from talking about what they wanted no matter what they are trying to do for this country.

So let’s support Maria Conchita Alonso and join with me in saying that she should have never been fired from what is supposed to be a theatrical production for her political views.

Join us at It’s A Paul World in supporting Maria Conchita Alonso in her right to free speech.

Please comment below… Am I crazy for thinking this is a violation of her right to free speech?


(Photo Courtesy of Danlev / Dan Leveille via WikiCommons)



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