Freedom Caucus Shakes Up The House And Paul Likes It

Freedom Caucus Shakes Up The House And Paul Likes It

In an interview with TIME, Rand Paul has firmly given his support to the Freedom Caucus.

With Boehner resigning and Kevin McCarthy dropping out of the race, who will lead is anyone’s guess. While the Freedom Caucus has been cited as part of the problem in finding a new Speaker, Paul says they actually represent just what fed up voters want.

As Art Halvorson recently told The Hill:

“For years, disaffected Republicans have been frustrated by a glaring lack of results from the GOP House leadership. Boehner and his team could never win a battle with the White House when outgunned.”

That really sums up the problem in a nutshell. When the GOP seized the House and Senate, voters rightly expected results. It was a triumphant moment when voters sent their new Congressmen and Senators to Washington with a mandate to stop the rampant spending and overreach of the Federal government.

Yet instead, the White House continued to push their agendas through seemingly unimpeded. What went wrong? For one, the White House stopped playing by the rules. Where once legislation was being passed by Congress, the White House simply started passing executive orders, bypassing a third of the government and effectively making laws.

The Freedom Caucus has been a small set of House Republicans actually willing and able to stand up to the White House. They’ve been called obstructionist, but for obstructing what? The White House’s unilateral passage of laws that make a mockery of how our government is supposed to work? If the White House had any interest in government functioning as it was meant to and wanted to avoid such tactics as a threatened government shutdown, they should have played by the rules themselves and not made it necessary.

While you may not agree with their tactics, the Freedom Caucus’s reasons are sound – they are following the mandate the voters gave them by any means available. It’s been noted that they are a minority of Republicans in the House. If so, why do they hold so much power? Because that minority represents the voters and the Old Guard of the GOP House members know it.

As Paul says:

“People want to marginalize these 30 or 40 as crazy right-wing people, but they probably represent the true feeling of the grassroots as much as—or more than—those who have been there for a long time… The longer that you are there, the less reflective of the people and more reflective of inertia.” (TIME)

Do you agree with Paul’s support of the Freedom Caucus? Are you ready for real change in Congress? If so, let us know on Twitter. For regular news on Paul and the issues facing our nation, follow us on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis

(Photo courtesy of kalikid32goblue, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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