Forget The Hawks! Let’s Not Make The Same Mistakes, Says Paul

Forget The Hawks! Let’s Not Make The Same Mistakes, Says Paul

Did Republican hawks contribute to the rise of ISIS? That’s what Rand Paul claimed and Sean Hannity wasn’t letting him slide during Monday’s Fox News.

Ultimately terrorists are responsible for terrorism is how Paul rephrased it. But rather than worrying about semantics, the better answer from Rand was in the Union Leader. It was simply:

‘Let’s not make the same mistakes in Iraq and the greater Middle East.’

THAT is what makes sense. We can blame the hawks all day long for what’s going on in the Middle East, but it’s the future that matters. Will we continue to follow old policies that have taken us nowhere or will we evolve? Watch the clip with Sean Hannity and Rand Paul below. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.



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