Fist Bump With Reid! Rand Keeps His Cool After Ray-Ban Complaint

Fist Bump With Reid! Rand Paul Keeps His Cool After Ray-Ban Complaint

From webcam blockers to “Don’t Drone Me, Bro” shirts to a fist bump with Harry Reid on the Senate floor, there’s one thing that’s clear about the Kentucky senator’s presidential campaign: “Rand Paul might be your dad’s age, but this isn’t your dad’s campaign.” (NJ)

It could all be yours (maybe even the fist bump if you make it to one of Paul’s rallies) with the exception of the “Rand-Ban sunglasses”. According to The Hill, the Wayfarer sunglasses have gone off the market into the realm of the very exclusive. Unfortunately, someone on the Rand Paul campaign forgot to clear branding rights with the Ray-Ban company. Whoops. The sunglasses are no longer available in the campaign store.

That won’t stop Rand Paul from rocking his own personal pair of Ray-Bans OR sharing fist bumps with Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

WATCH: Rand Paul And Harry Reid’s Bro-Moment On The Senate Floor

This isn’t the only bipartisan moment that Senators Reid and Paul have shared. Back in February, Reid once again co-sponsored Rand’s Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act, a bill that restores voting rights to nonviolent criminal offenders. Reid had this to say about it last year:

“As a country, we should allow people who have served their time, who have served their penance or however you want to state it, they should at least be able to vote.” (Politico)

Give people who deserve it a second chance? I’ll support that. Fist bump, bro! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates as we track Rand Paul’s campaign to 2016.

(Photo courtesy of aaron_anderer, CC BY-ND 2.0)



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