Cumberland Fishing Restrictions: Hey, Stay Out of Our Tackle Boxes!

Cumberland Fishing Restrictions: Hey, Stay Out of Our Tackle Boxes!

Hey, government: Get your hands out of our tackle boxes!

That’s the message Kentucky Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell are trying to send to the House of Representatives. Reports WPSD TV of Paducah, Ky.:

McConnell, Paul Push to Lift Fishing Restrictions

“U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his Kentucky colleague Rand Paul are pressing again to permanently lift restrictions on fishing below dams along the Cumberland River.”

The reinvigorated push – just prior to the end of Congress’ recess – comes months after Paul and McConnell successfully passed a law that prevented the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from putting up barriers that would have prevented fishing in the area.

They introduced the ‘Freedom to Fish Act’ back in February to address their concerns, with Paul saying in a statement:

“There is a deep love for fishing in the tail waters of the Cumberland River, and to deny the public this recreational activity would not only disappoint thousands of fishermen across the country, but lead to detrimental impacts on the area’s economy…Safety can be promoted in this area without completely blocking all boating below the dams, and by working together I believe we can come to a solution without imposing burdensome regulations that seek to hurt local businesses and residents.”

As WPSD goes on to say, the senators want to make the temporary ban a permanent one.

“Now, they are urging the chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure to make a two-year moratorium imposed in June permanent by including it in the House Water and Resources and Development Act.”

Because really, who wants the government now telling them where they can and can’t relax on a day off? Keep your hands out of our tackle boxes!



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