Fighting Terrorism in…Fargo? Welcome To The Police State!

Fighting Terrorism in…Fargo? Welcome To The Police State!

How deep has the conversion of America to a police state penetrated? Would you believe Fargo, North Dakota?

But if any city in the U.S. needed to be hardened into a police state, surely it isn’t Fargo, right? What is so dangerous in Fargo that Homeland Security awarded the city $8 million to fight terrorism?

Well, for starters Fargo is only about 100 miles from a porous border. Yes, in a concerted initiative to harden our borders and defend us from attacks from abroad, the federal government has wisely decided to stop ignoring the threat to our North and start taking aggressive action.

For far too long the Feds have ignored the lurking threat that is Canada. In an effort to stop the menace that is Labatt’s drinking, eerily friendly cousin in democracy to the North – Fargo can now claim assault rifles, Kevlar armor and a military grade armored car amongst their arsenal. Laugh if you want, but Winnipeg, just 50 miles over the border (or 80 kilometers for Maple-Leafed extremists), is a hotbed of hockey radicalization.

Thank God to Homeland Security for protecting us. Besides the scourge of these Un-Americans who would convince us bacon is ham and not our little beloved fat strips, Fargo has already seen its own share of civil unrest and terror in the streets. Just 13 short years ago, mayhem erupted at the iconic Testicle Festival. I’m not sure what constitutes a public disturbance at a testicle festival, but it at least sounds like it’d rival the threat of a hockey stick wielding mob of angry Canadians shouting in French. Which is worse? I leave you to decide.

And this sort of police insanity is hardly restricted to Fargo. We recently reported that Keene, New Hampshire was planning to use an armored military vehicle called a BearCat to police its annual… wait for it.. Pumpkin Festival. I wish I was kidding. I would prefer to write this article for The Onion and tell you this was all a joke. But it is not. This is the new reality of police in America.

Some people in government are stepping up to call an end to this madness though. Sen. Rand Paul was quoted as saying,

“Homeland Security gave $8 million to Fargo to fight terrorism in Fargo, North Dakota, […] And I say if the terrorists get to Fargo, we might as well give up. I say that as a joke, but, I mean, it’s like, ‘What are we doing spending $8 million in Fargo? What are we doing sending a tank?’ (The New American)

I would argue though that the responsibility lies with all Americans. Where is the outrage against turning our streets into a police state? It is everyone’s responsibility to recognize this is a game changer. This isn’t an issue for any single political party. This is an issue of American rights and a way of life and our outrage should be as one voice, be that voice Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian…. Forget the labels and remember, American First. This is not how we choose to live. Will you join your voice with Paul’s against an American police state? Let us know. Give us a tweet or follow us on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis

(Photo courtesy of Greg Matthews, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)



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