Feds Resume Dubious Program For Seizing Assets From Citizens

Feds Resume Dubious Program For Seizing Assets From Citizens

Asset forfeiture has returned with an unholy vengeance, and Rand Paul is angry. An announcement from the DOJ states that they will resume the controversial program. This legalized theft of property encourages shady law enforcement and bullying government to take property from anyone even remotely allegedly affiliated with a criminal act, and big government loves it.

While many states have started clamping down on asset forfeiture laws, a nasty Federal loophole allows these cases to be prosecuted in Federal courts on many occasions, where far more permissive Federal law allows gross abuse of the legal system.

Rand Paul has previously sponsored legislation that would reign in the Feds, but to no avail. The horrible abuses of asset forfeiture have lead to people who made the mistake of handling arbitrarily large sums of cash having their property seized. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, a person must spend even more money and time to fight a system rigged against them.

This demented abuse of power was born from the civil rights raping War on Drugs, which so far has done nothing except fill our nation’s streets with paramilitary police units using implements of war to do exactly nothing. No-knock raids, stealing money because somebody was carrying too much cash, seizing homes over a bit of dried plant, gunning down people on the words of shady informants, bullying the general public… the list of tyrannical actions is never ending and horrifying.

For a while the Feds were laying low on their vicious theft of private property, but now they are hard at work to once again ensure that a person moving across country who is carrying all their cash with them can once again be legally robbed, or that somebody who made the mistake of renting a home to a small time petty drug dealer can lose a lifetime of hard work to a bloated and useless government that cares little about the rights of people.

Asset forfeiture is a warped and twisted practice that harms hard working, honest Americans with disturbing frequency, and shows no signs of stopping. It is time to demand an end to this tyranny, and to end the flagrant violations of our civil rights. As Americans we have the right to expect proper due process and a restrained government, and neutral courts. Yet somehow we have lost them. Join us in supporting Rand Paul and his constant fight for our freedom and to destroy the vile specter of big government that looms over us all. Share your thoughts on asset forfeiture on Twitter or Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Marcin Wichary, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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