FBI Director James Comey Urges Congress For ‘Front Door’ Access to Your Phone

FBI Director James Comey Urges Congress For ‘Front Door’ Access to Your Phone

So… FBI Director James Comey is spearheading yet another government spying operation. What is with the Government’s fascination with invading our personal privacy anyway? Is it like a fetish or something with the FBI spying on us? Seriously. Can you think of an instance where the government having inextricable laser-pointer access to peoples’ sexting and those secret things you delete from your browser history will actually stop a crime?

It’s like…

“My car got stolen!”
“Don’t worry ma’am! We’re on it, by looking at… reddit logs!”

Seriously? Why is this even something that they’re even pretending is remotely useful?! — Let alone constitutional!

So the big gripe is about FBI Director James Comey being on a crusade to get at your phone’s data for *EHRM* “national security purposes”– yeah right! Like that makes it totally okay for the government to greenlight the FBI spying on us!

He argues that tech companies like Google and Apple are stepping on the gov’s turf by ‘taking the privacy of consumers into their own hands’ as if that was a bad thing. Yes, James. Thank you for swooping in with your g-man cape and saving us all from the tyranny of these services and devices that we can use optionally at our own convenience. This has been a big thing that a lot of people have been angry about lately; having privacy from the government.

He says that said companies are doing this only because Congress hasn’t passed laws in response to ‘public anger over the National Security Agency’s surveillance.’ And he’s right about that. Yes. Congress has blatantly and expectedly twiddled their thumbs while the NSA has crawled into your home’s cyber-data to find everything out about you, your spouse, your kid, your dog, your cat, your goldfish, your lawnmower, and what types of breakfast cereal you eat every morning WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. (And my favorite cereal is classified! It’s a… uhh… It’s a matter of national security!) And yeah. Surprise-surprise, companies are savvy to this and give people what they want. Privacy.

But don’t worry. Double O James’ got a suave sales pitch for this one. It’s totally not a back door:

“We want to use the front door with clarity and transparency,” says Comey. (The Hill)

Y’know… like how the FBI clearly and transparently uses a battering ram on my front door  to search for… Oh… right. It’s national security classified super government business.

Why do these clowns in fancy suits make such a game of stepping all over our rights? And why do we put up with it? Why does it seem like people are just blithely okay with the FBI spying on us? Jackson probably would’ve caned this guy in the face. Twice. For even implying that this kind of invasion of privacy was anywhere near excusable. What do you think? Is this just some new reality and it’s our job to get used to it, or is this a civil rights issue that our generation is going to have to discuss? Send us a tweet or comment on Facebook with your thoughts on FBI Director James Comey.


(Photo courtesy of Timothy Krause, CC BY 2.0)



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