Evergreen State Visit Used To Discuss Problem With The Republican Party

Evergreen State Visit Used To Discuss Problem With The Republican Party

To use Rand Paul’s own words, his recent visit to Seattle was used to showcase “the problem with the Republican Party.” Or rather problems. The strongly libertarian Paul appealed to the peculiar populist libertarian streak that has shaped Washington State politics since territorial days.

At Seattle’s Town Hall, Paul revealed the depths of the problem with the Republican Party and emphasized the need for Republicans to do more than just support the ever popular 2nd Amendment, but also the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments.

The Republican Party has lost its way, and while it tries to make the 2nd amendment the be all and end all of the Bill of Rights, it rather conveniently ignores the rest of the protections and limitations against government built into the Constitution. This message plays well to informed voters in Washington State, which has since it became a state, enjoyed clearly defined civil liberties that are often more inclusive and protective than those guaranteed on the Federal level. In fact, Washington State residents enjoy a much higher standard of privacy, religious freedom (or freedom from religion for that matter), a very clearly defined right to keep and bear arms, and much more.

While characterized as a liberal state (Washington gave her electoral votes to Obama in the last two elections), the nature of Washington’s culture and legal principles have created a sort of unspoken libertarianism in its laws and outlook on personal liberty, which plays well to Senator Paul’s fundamental principles and ideas.

While the big names and bigger egos are slugging it out back East, Rand Paul is traveling west, to meet with the cultural successors to the pioneers who tamed the Western U.S., and bringing his message of individualism, small government and personal freedom to a part of the nation that was libertarian before it was even a concept.


WATCH: Rand Paul Wins With Washington’s Libertarian Bent


The problem with the Republican Party is that it has become business as usual, and no longer lives up to its original promise of being a party for the people, who stand up for the rights of individuals, and supports liberty. Abraham Lincoln would not recognize today’s GOP, for it has far more in common with the conservatives who started the Civil War, than the forward thinking liberty lovers who counted abolitionists and free thinkers among their members. It’s time to not only take back America, but to take back the GOP and restore it to the noble and lofty pedestal of individual liberty and freedom. Can Rand Paul restore the GOP? Can the GOP return to its roots? Will a liberal state like Washington lend its support to a freedom lover like Rand Paul? Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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