DREAMers & Hamburgers: How to Discuss Immigration Reform

DREAMers & Hamburgers: How to Discuss Immigration Reform

It’s not awkward at all when someone decides to interrogate you when your mouth is full. Add the firebomb issue of immigration reform, and one might even spark headlines for saying nothing (or for not choking on one’s hamburger.) While Sen. Rand Paul didn’t say anything cringe-worthy like Iowa Rep. Steve King, he wasn’t able to escape all the media attention from being in the background of a DREAMer activist’s video.

Rand Paul laughed about the non-encounter with the DREAMer activist during his WHO Radio interview on Mickelson in the Morning, but then continued with a serious discussion on immigration reform:

“Ultimately, the answer to this, for all of this, it isn’t ‘us versus them’…What we need to do as Republicans though, we need to go to the Hispanic population that’s come here legally and say look at all these policies we agree on and also shouldn’t we have some laws be welcoming to people but have some laws that say we don’t have an open border. Because your taxes are going to go up if we have to pay for those who are coming in illegally. Shouldn’t we have an orderly process? I think we’d find if we knew how to present this, not in a hostile way, but in a way that says immigrants are good people…”

The host, Jan Mickelson agreed with some of Paul’s thoughts on immigration reform, saying:

“Most people are in the same boat. We’re tired of being bullied by activists that are trying to push us around and force people to make political decisions based upon the short-term political gains of either party. American public are perfectly fine with immigration. It’s just the welfare state is an open invitation.”

“You’ve got politicians here in Iowa, here in Des Moines that try to create and have created a sanctuary city refusing to help enforce any laws and it just makes a mess for everybody else. And we’re supposed to then say, well, I guess the only choice we have left is to make everybody legal…”

RAND PAUL: “People also need to realize that the foundation of our country that separates us from most of the rest of the world is the rule of law. Based upon the rule of law is the security of knowing what the law is and that the government won’t act in an arbitrary fashion…You have to have laws that people will obey and be able to believe that the laws will be obeyed. They also have to believe that no one person – even the president – can arbitrarily change the law without the approval of Congress.”

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