Donald Trump Takes Lead, But It’s Not A Real Indication Of What People Want

Donald Trump Takes Lead, But It’s Not A Real Indication Of What People Want

The GOP news as of late has been all Donald Trump. The media, which many Republicans believe is liberally biased, has been focusing on a single candidate to the detriment of what could be better choices, giving that candidate a so-called “Trump Bump” in the polls.

Why does the media love “The Donald”? Well, he is feisty, he is charismatic, and it doesn’t seem to matter if doesn’t have a real message when he is producing copy.

The focus of any campaign drive should be pressing issues that face the nation. Right now people continue to struggle to survive on paychecks that were, in some cases, halved by the economic downturn. Others talk about the disproportionate aid given to those who are wealthy and corporations under the present tax code. Besides the economic problems facing US citizens, national security, race and education reforms are issues that many Americans care deeply about. Unfortunately, because the media seems to focus on a single GOP candidate, none of these issues are being discussed by the GOP candidates. Even if they are, the media is not paying attention. Why?

IS there a liberal bias that wants to tear down the GOP field by pandering to a single candidate who speaks in controversy? According to Rand Paul this is exactly what’s happening.

In a recent CNN interview, Paul said:

“Television works…If you would give some other candidates time from eight in the morning to eight at night all day long for three weeks, I’m guessing some other candidates might rise as well.”

The suggestion is that Donald Trump is dominating the airwaves and thus is dominating in the polls. It doesn’t matter that he admittedly doesn’t have a platform (he seems to change policy as the wind blows), he says what he thinks and that appeals to people. But is the media driving this “bump” in the polls and is it sustainable?

Rand Paul thinks not. He told Wolf Blitzer:

“I think this is a temporary loss of sanity, but we’re gonna come back to our senses and look for somebody to lead our country at some point.”

The other candidates have real solutions for the very real problems facing the country. Paul is proposing a flat tax that would make filing simpler and provide an evenly distributed tax burden to all people. Trump argues with the President of Mexico and Telemundo. Who has the better platform? And despite the current “Trump Bump” in the polls, who has a better chance of winning the GOP presidential nomination? Tweet us or comment below.

(Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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