Did The AFDI Go Too Far With Their $10,000 Muhammad Cartoon Contest?

Did The AFDI Go Too Far With Their $10,000 Muhammad Cartoon Contest?

There’s only going to be one reaction when someone pulls out a gun. The shooting in Garland, Texas was without question an act of terrorism, Rand Paul told Fox News. It may not have been a truly organized act with ISIS, a law enforcement official told CNN, but that doesn’t change the fact that these two gunmen set out with the intention to kill unarmed people at the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) event.

After events like this, we always have to ask how we can prevent similar situations like the Garland attack on the AFDI from happening again. As Sen. Paul suggested on Fox News, America could be more rigorous about protecting our borders or maybe, just maybe, the NSA could do a better job.

There were already at least one or two red flags waving over one shooter, Elton Simpson. Five years ago, he lied to federal agents about trying to join a terrorist group and was even convicted for it, reports MSNBC, and a CNN investigation discovered that Simpson was actively tweeting with overseas terrorists up to the day of the Texas attack. Remember, folks, this is what the media dug up. Shouldn’t we expect better from our government?

If we want to cover all our bases, however, we may want to turn back to the event itself and the organization that inspired these gunmen into the open, the $10,000 “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest and the American Freedom Defense Initiative. This organization has been described as “protecting American ideals” while also being labeled “an intolerant hate group opposed to freedom of religion.” I’m not proposing that the AFDI event was by any means a good idea. It’s no surprise a violent reaction was provoked, but it does come down to one important point, “fighting words” or not, the AFDI isn’t pulling out guns to prove its point.

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WATCH: Rand Paul on Texas Attack



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