Did RNC Pick The Winner for the Early 2016 Primaries?

Did RNC Pick The Winner for the Early 2016 Primaries?

If you’re a die-hard libertarian or a Tea Party aficionado, you must have a hard-on for Rand Paul, figuratively speaking, or at least you should have. The latest decision from the Republican National Committee gives Rand Paul a big advantage in the early 2016 primaries. You should be a happy man. Seriously, stick with me and let’s take a look at the latest gossip in town!

Basically, Kentucky’s finest, and I mean Sen. Rand Paul, is on the right track for the presidential nomination, because thanks to the good people from the RNC, he just became the favorite for the early 2016 primaries.

This is not a wild theory, by all means. The simple fact that Nevada, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa must hold the primaries first gives Sen. Rand Paul a significant advantage in the race. Well, according to The Daily Beast, that’s a “huge advantage” actually, but I prefer to keep my flamboyant optimism for myself!

Rand Paul will soar like the mighty eagle over his competitors (Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush) due to the fact that his father, the “legendary” ex-Senator and former presidential candidate Ron Paul laid some serious groundwork, thus making Rand Paul’s job a walk in the park, so to speak.

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m not the only one who thinks that Rand Paul has a good shot for the “title”, given the current political situation.

To quote The Daily Beast‘s editor, Mr. David Freedlander :

“If the senator were to win or even put together a decent showing … Republicans say he may have momentum that is impossible to slow. No Republican has won Iowa and New Hampshire and failed to win the nomination.”

The same article quotes Matt Mackowiak, a Republican consultant and a foot soldier from George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. He’s saying basically the same thing, maybe because he’s from Texas, but let me quote him on that issue to be perfectly clear :

“If Rand were to win two of those first three or three of those first four, he would be a train gathering a lot of steam.”

Steam, trains, momentum, it’s just like Stephenson talking about the industrial revolution, but these words sound like silver trumpets in the ears of Rand Paul’s fans, yours truly included.

Truth be told, Mr. Paul has slim chances in South Carolina, the realm of Evangelical Christians, and I’m not sarcastic, nor do I imply that Rand Paul is a pagan. It’s just that in the good’ol South, Paul’s libertarian views are not quite in line with the “mainstream” current of thought.

But then again, if Rand Paul starts to make “waves” early in the race, there can be a danger from the “big money” donors/establishment, conservative people that don’t like surprises, to start financing his “moderate” potential rivals, like Perry or Bush; or even, God forbid, New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie.

To quote Mr. Mackowiak again :

“The money people don’t like unpredictability. They want a mainstream, pro-business candidate that they can get behind and be confident can be the nominee and beat Hillary Clinton. It’s a question if they will accept him as a nominee.”

What do you think about Rand Paul’s chances in the Early 2016 Primaries? Share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.

Written by Chris Black



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