Did Hillary Commit Perjury?

Did Hillary Commit Perjury?

Depending on who you ask, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be in hot water for her earlier claims that she ‘didn’t know’. She is widely expected to pursue the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 but the controversy surrounding Benghazi may hinder her future political goals, especially if you agree with Sen. Paul. In an interview with Breitbart News, he points out that her lack of answers regarding the Benghazi scandal “should preclude her from holding any higher office.” So did Hillary commit perjury during the January Senate hearing? How much did she really know?

BENGHAZI WILL HAUNT HILLARY IN 2016: Did Hillary Commit Perjury?

“The thing is ultimately if she’s considering running for any kind of office in this country again, I think that she’s going to have to answer the questions about what did she know about the gun-running, what was her involvement with Benghazi, why didn’t she provide adequate security for the ambassador or for the mission in Benghazi?” Paul said in a phone interview with Breitbart News.

The “gun-running” allegation refers to a program, first reported on by the New York Times, in which the CIA may have been providing weapons to Syrian rebels, going through Turkey to get them there. Since Clinton, as Secretary of State, oversees CIA operations, Paul figured she must know about the program, so he asked her in January.

She said she had no idea.

[Paul said he was incredulous.] “When I asked Hillary Clinton directly that question, her response was she had never heard and had no knowledge of any program with the CIA,” Paul said. “I just find it hard to believe that the Secretary of State would not have been briefed on a program to buy guns and transfer guns.”

“…Paul believes Clinton may have lied to, and at least misled, the Senate Foreign Relations committee when he asked her questions about the matter.

Now when you get down to the nitty-gritty, did Hillary commit perjury? Even if what she told Paul was a lie, technically she was was not under oath at that January Senate hearing. Technicalities aside, Paul still thinks she’s unfit for command, and with a mere three years until the presidential election, he wants you to think about it.

“I guess my concern is that I guess some people in government think it’s okay to lie if you’re asked something about a classified program.” …

Paul told Breitbart News he thinks it is unacceptable for government officials to lie or provide misleading information to Congress, even when they are asked about classified programs.

…When Breitbart News asked Paul whether people in government still care about telling the truth, he said: “That’s a real question.”

“I think there are people here who if they say it’s for national security reasons aren’t too concerned about the truth,” Paul said. “The problem is is we give enormous power to our government and we have to be able to trust our government and I want to be able to trust the government that they’re doing the right things.

Now it’s your turn to share your insights below. Did Hillary commit perjury? Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Paul? Why?



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