Did GOP Hand Hillary A Win With Benghazi Hearings?

Did GOP Hand Hillary A Win With Benghazi Hearings?

The Benghazi hearings, touted by the GOP as justice, have degenerated into so much partisan witch hunting. While Rand Paul correctly points out in a CNN interview that Hillary “sent an ambassador into harm’s way and didn’t provide him with adequate defense”, the recent hearing simply served as a platform for Clinton to display her strengths.

America has a long history of witch hunts, both real and political, and the Benghazi hearings are more of the same. The Guardian called it a “complete farce” and asked the harder question of why nobody was questioning why the U.S. was attacking Libya in the first place.

It is all well and good to question what Hillary was up to running up to Benghazi and to question how she handled the situation. However, from the get go, it has been a partisan three ring circus that dragged the worst of the GOP machine out in a fevered display of hardline conservative behavior seeking to eviscerate Hillary, no matter the cost to their own dignity and self respect.

What we have here is not only a classic example of the hawkish, partisan and childlike GOP that creates the endless cliches about big government dinosaurs, but also of why Rand Paul’s hands off foreign policy is the best one. Had the U.S. not been involved with picking winners and losers in conflicts not our own, Benghazi would not have happened. All around the world the U.S. is hated by those whom we meddle with the most, and Libya is no exception.

Rand Paul prefers to let nations deal with their own problems. The U.S. is not a global police force and we have no obligation to intervene in other affairs outside of certain treaty obligations or perhaps for genuine humanitarian problems; and then the UN is supposed to be spearheading that sort of operation.

The Benghazi hearings have created a situation where Hillary was allowed to stand up to a GOP witch hunt, and shine on her own merits. The GOP acts as if they have the only correct view on the matter and cannot grasp any other idea than the anti-Clinton drum they keep pounding. Thanks to the GOP, Hillary has come out looking like a political victim, and the GOP nothing more than petulant bullies.

Rand Paul wants to prevent anything like the Benghazi incident from ever happening again by never getting involved in the first place, perhaps the biggest scandal is why the U.S. was over in Libya to begin with. What do you think? Partisan witch hunt or real issue? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Veni, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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