‘Detroit Republican’ Wins Influential Michigan Straw Poll

‘Detroit Republican’ Wins Influential Michigan Straw Poll

Michigan has long been a target of Republican candidates. Not only is the large number of delegates an appealing prize on this coming March’s Super Tuesday, but the party also believes they can turn the state from blue to red in a general election. This made an impressive showing at the Mackinac Conference all the more necessary for several of the candidates.

Senator Rand Paul invested very heavily in the Mackinac Conference straw poll, and despite facing tough competition from Carly Fiorina and John Kasich, it paid off with a victory of 22% out of the 2,200 total conference attendees. For some, this victory wasn’t much of a surprise; after all, Michigan did give us one of the most libertarian members of Congress, Representative Justin Amash.

At the same time, Paul’s campaign believes that the victory is a sign Paul will over-perform in other primary and caucus states, according to Paul’s national political director John Yob.

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Rand Paul isn’t a new face to Michigan voters. Earlier this year, he gained some attention while wearing a “Detroit Republican” T-shirt during a campaign video. The reason this gained attention is because Detroit is well known for being one of the deepest blue cities in the country, and calling yourself a “Detroit Republican” feels like an oxymoron.

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While not given as much attention in the news as his straw poll victory, Paul visited Liberty Lego in the downtown part of Mackinac Island. The co-owner of the store, Chad Stevens, had built a Lego sign for Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign. Stevens did the same thing for Rand Paul this time around, and also built a miniature campaign headquarters made entirely out of Legos.

Rand Paul's Michigan Lego HQ
(Photo courtesy of Liberty Bricks – Mackinac Island‘s Facebook Page)

Do you believe that Rand Paul’s victory at the Mackinac Conference is a sign of a resurgent campaign after low polling numbers in recent weeks, or is it only a one time wonder? Let us know what you believe in the comments below and then visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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