Democrats Try To Stop Paul With This Kentucky Law, Here’s What He’ll Do

Democrats Try To Stop Paul With This Kentucky Law, Here’s What He’ll Do

Election Day has come and gone but there is a new political scuffle that has been brewing on the horizon for Rand Paul. As it stands, a Kentucky Law states “no candidate’s name shall appear on any voting machine or absentee ballot more than once,” therefore, Sen. Paul cannot hold his current seat if he plans on running for President in 2016.

The current Kentucky Law and Rand Paul standoff could have been avoided if Republicans had taken control of their state house, but Democrats remained in control. Democrats have made it very clear that they have no intentions of altering their states law just to make one candidate’s life easier, even though historically, candidates in other states have been allowed to keep their seats and run for a higher office. Rand has said that this will not deter him from running, if that’s what he chooses to do.

Republicans have been discussing a loophole in the law according to Politico. If they turn the 2016 Kentucky primary into a caucus system:

“Since most caucuses do not vote by paper ballot, Paul could theoretically avoid that restriction in the law.”

This measure hasn’t been decided on yet, Paul hasn’t even officially decided whether he will be seeking the White House, but speculation suggests it’s just a matter of time. This Kentucky Law will probably end up being just a bump in the road on the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What do you think? Send us a tweet or join the debate on Facebook.


WATCH: Kentucky Democrats Stick It To Rand Paul 
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