Declassified Stellarwind Report Confirms Rand Paul’s Doubts About NSA

Declassified Stellarwind Report Confirms Rand Paul’s Doubts About NSA

In the surrounding wake of the recently declassified Stellarwind report regarding the National Security Agency’s illegal monitoring activities, it’s refreshing to see Senator Rand Paul is spot-on with his views on the NSA’s activities — namely that they’re completely unnecessary and an apparent waste of taxpayer money.

It’s no secret that a great number of individuals part of or privy to knowledge regarding the NSA’s surveillance activities questioned its effectiveness, but more importantly, its legality. The Stellarwind program originated in secrecy following the September 11th terrorist attacks, reports the NYT. President George W. Bush told the NSA that it could ignore the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and that it could freely wiretap and collect bulk data on Americans, but this didn’t become public until an article about warrantless wiretapping published in 2005 in the NY Times partially revealed the program’s existence.

According to The Blaze, it took until 2009 for the Stellarwind report to be compiled on the efficacy of the program, with the conclusion being it was too secret for it to do any good and that is the consensus on those who have read the recently declassified version of the report.

As the powers that be seem to be in such a rush to dismantle, seek loopholes or downright ignore the Constitution and what the founding fathers believed this great country to be capable of, Rand Paul has shown just how dedicated he is to preserving and following the near perfect system of checks and balances created to govern the country. Defenders of the Patriot Act have come under fire before in the past, but Sen. Rand Paul is not beating around the bush by making his views abundantly clear, going so far as to take to Twitter to decree: “As president, I will immediately end all illegal domestic spying programs.”

Where does it end? Sen. Paul has given us hope that the end may be in sight, that this ridiculous misuse of the NSA’s capabilities will be turned around and channeled into more productive avenues. Paul has time and time again shown why he should have your vote, and this is yet another reason as to why. He seeks to fight for your rights – in this case, your rights to privacy – and to use the powers of the government to protect and serve those rights. He’s been quick to level criticisms when appropriate and to suggest a return to a more direct following of the Constitution and the belief that the role of the government is to guarantee its citizens the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If Sen. Rand Paul is spot-on time and time again, has he secured your vote yet? If not, perhaps you should re-read the Stellarwind report and ask who is standing up against this. Send us a tweet with your thoughts or follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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