Debt Crisis Caused by Pizza and Pole Dancing

Debt Crisis Caused by Pizza and Pole Dancing

If you’re going to pay for pizza and dancing, then you would like to experience them firsthand, right? If you caught Paul’s epic ‘airing of grievances’ on Twitter in celebration of Festivus, then you probably heard about the ‘Wastebook’. It’s exactly as it sounds. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla) counts at least 100 examples in his annual report of out of control government spending. With a list like that, it’s no surprise that there is a debt crisis in America.

Need a couple of examples from his Wastebook? Here’s several pulled out from Coburn’s report courtesy of Politico:

  • $125,000 3-D pizza: NASA gave a $124,955 grant to …build a 3-D pizza printer as part of space-exploration mission supplies. However, NASA scientists say the research will take time, and it could be years before the technology becomes feasible.
  • $10,000 “Pole” dancing: Through a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, a group called PowerUP Project features the linemen and electrical technicians of an Austin, Texas, power company who engage in performance art in a choreographed “ninety minute dance with bucket trucks, cranes and field trucks, and a set of 20 utility poles, all set before a live audience.”

But this is small stuff in comparison to:

  • $65 million Sandy emergency fund ads: Despite passing a bill in January to provide $60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy relief, $65 million has been used by New York and New Jersey for tourism ads while only one person in Staten Island, as of October, received housing assistance. New Jersey, launched its “Stronger than the Storm” marketing campaign which features Gov. Chris Christie, who also appeared with the Snooki of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in May for events aimed at drawing visitors for the tourism season.
  • $297 million “Mega-Blimp”: The Army’s “mega-blimp,” or Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, project was halted this year as spending nearly reached $300 million after more than three years of development. Coburn says it was sold back to the contractor for only $301,000. Intended for use in Afghanistan, it made only one trip, a 90-minute flight over New Jersey.

“The reason we’re in trouble on deficits and debts is not because we didn’t agree, but because we did,” Coburn contended. “We agreed to spend $740 billion we didn’t have last year. We agreed to waste $30 billion — as I put in the Wastebook — this year. We agreed to continue to let Medicare have $80 billion a year in fraud in it. We’re going to have $80 billion a year in fraud in Obamacare. We agreed to all those things.

“…My thoughts are, the American people don’t believe we have a debt ceiling because we always increase it, and they don’t believe we have the discipline in Washington.” (Daily Caller)

The debt ceiling is going to be one of those hot, touchy topics for 2014. We’ll see next year whether or not the GOP will have the verve to go into battle over it again.

What were Senator Paul’s thoughts on this topic the last time it was brought up?

[Back in October,] debt ceiling deadlines have been averted, but the real problem remains: a $17 trillion dollar debt and a President who continues to pile on new debt at a rate of a million dollars a minute.

When Obama opposed raising the debt ceiling in 2006, it was $8 trillion. Today, it has more than doubled to $17 trillion. If we are to survive this breakneck spending that has become the norm in Washington, it must be stopped and reversed. (

Do you think Washington no longer has any discipline? As a taxpayer, are you satisfied with the way the federal government spends your hard earned wages? Speak up and say something below!



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