Federal Judge Joins Fight To Restore 2nd Amendment To D.C.

Federal Judge Joins Fight To Restore 2nd Amendment To D.C.

D.C.’s concealed carry law has been found unconstitutional, which should only surprise liberals and people incapable of understanding basic English. For the rest of us, Washington D.C.’s draconian concealed carry permit laws which only pays lip service to the concept and tries to ignore the powerful rulings of Heller and McDonald which make it stupidly clear that not only is there a right to own guns, but to also carry them outside of the home.

Federal judge Richard J. Leon found D.C.’s concealed carry law to be unable to pass a constitutional smell test and basically told the city to wake up and get with the program. It remains to be seen how much longer the good citizens of Washington D.C. will be deprived of their right to keep and bear arms in our nation’s capital.

As Rand Paul is not a liberal and is fairly intelligent and capable of understanding English beyond a basic level, it should come as no surprise that he is at the forefront of trying to dismantle restrictive gun laws. He recently spoke to the NRA and called for an end to lethal “gun free zones” which only allow criminals the opportunity to carry guns, as we have sadly learned over and over and over again, as dozens of innocent lives over the last few years have been taken in horrific shootings that take place in these deadly free fire zones. Ending these civil rights free zones will not only allow citizens to defend themselves, but should also discourage would be mass shooters who would now face a greater risk of being stopped before they can even start.

With the rejection of D.C.’s concealed carry law, we can hope that D.C. will finally realize they can’t fight the inevitable any longer, and simply issue permits to any law abiding citizen. The sad reality is they will probably keep fighting it, until they are backed into a corner and are forced to become a shall issue system. Meanwhile Rand Paul will keep fighting for the underrepresented people of Washington D.C. to enjoy all of their rights as Americans. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts on the fight to restore the 2nd Amendment to Washington D.C.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Paul Swansen, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)



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