Crystal Ball:  Predicting the State of The Union Address

Crystal Ball: Predicting the State of The Union Address

I’m writing this just before the State of the Union Address that will occur later today.  No one knows exactly what will be in the speech except President Obama and his team.

What we do know is that President Obama has been saber rattling and saying that if he can’t get what he wants from Congress, what he thinks he should be able to get, then he is going to go around Congress and he is going to use his pen and his phone by Executive Order.

In fact he set his team scouring to see how much of his agenda he could bypass around Congress. 

My question is if this is such a good idea then why do we have Congress at all?  In fact, the reason why the system is set up the way it is, like it or not, is designed to make sure that something like this really doesn’t happen.

This is someone who was supposedly a professor of contract law, who knows right and wrong, and could help people.  Someone who wants to blatantly bypass the constitutional method I think shows a decided lack of respect for the office that he holds and has sworn to uphold. 

You know, it is one thing to say that we have disagreements and that I am going to take it to the public and that I am going to push my agenda forward.  But it is quite another to sit there and say that I am going to take it into my hands and without following the right procedure that ‘I am going to go forward and do this.’

It would be so easy in life to just jump past the rules and do whatever we want.  The downside of that is that we then lose our moral compass.  We don’t follow the rules and eventually we fall into this mentality of the ends justify the means and I can do what I want.

Is that the kind of world that we want to live in? 

If this doesn’t sound like the country that you would want to live in, join us at It’s A Paul World in trying to change the way that Washington does business today.


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