No Truce Yet as Christie Snubs Paul for Wife

No Truce Yet as Christie Snubs Paul for Wife

Still no time to make up over a beer for Rand Paul and Chris Christie.

Sen. Paul will be in New Jersey on Sept. 13, campaigning for Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan.

The state’s governor, Chris Christie, has publicly backed Lonegan, and was also invited to the event. He’s got somewhere slightly more important to be however, writes Catalina Camia of USA Today: With his wife.

“For Gov. Chris Christie – and potentially any married man out there – there was no question whom he’d be spending time with when a conflict arose on his schedule: his wife of two decades.

‘In a choice between Mary Pat Christie and Rand Paul, it’s no choice for me,’ Christie said Tuesday about being invited to a campaign event where Sen. Paul, R-Ky., will be in attendance. ‘I’ll be with Mary Pat.’”

Are there any lines here to read between, considering both Paul and Christie will likely be opponents in the 2016 Republican presidential primary? Probably not, even though the two men had a public back-and-forth this summer.

It all started back in July, when Christie described Paul and the libertarian line of thought as “very dangerous,” in regards to the NSA surveillance program. The two traded barbs from there, mostly about government spending. Paul said New Jersey took too much federal money for Hurricane relief, Christie replied by saying Kentucky is the real pork barrel recipient, and it went on.

Paul attempted to end things in August during an interview with FOX News, when he invited Christie out for a beer in order to “kiss and make up.” Christie quickly declined the offer, saying he was too busy running for re-election to take time for a beer.

So right now, it seems to be in a stalemate, despite Paul’s attempts to move on. His camp reportedly was the one who tried to set up a meeting between the two at the Lonegan event. But it looks like it’ll stay that way at least through Sept. 13, while Christie (rightfully) celebrates with his wife instead of attending a campaign event.

Photo caption: The Governor and Mrs. Christie appear on the TODAY Show for the re-opening of the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights. (via



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