Christie Isn’t Laughing About Bridgegate ‘Prank’

Christie Isn’t Laughing About Bridgegate ‘Prank’

Some people feel like the government’s out to get them. In some cases, it’s actually true. Bridgegate starts out sounding like some teenager’s prank, but people stuck in a massive traffic jam, yeah, they’re not laughing. Gov. Christie certainly isn’t laughing either at the moment. The unusual closure of two lanes on the George Washington Bridge back in September for five days might just redirect Christie away from any White House dreams in 2016.

There’s been an ongoing feud between Paul and Christie since July of last year, but it hasn’t been without offers of beer and twinkies. Of course, it’s hard not to have at least one barb about being stuck in traffic. However, Paul weighs in on the serious implications of the bridge scandal:

“People don’t want officials to use their government against them,” Sen. Paul told Brahm Resnik on “Sunday Square Off.”  “So if I’m a Republican and you’re a Democrat or let’s say vice versa, I’m a Democrat and you’re a Republican and I get elected, you don’t want me to punish people from your party just because I beat you in the election. Nobody wants the power of government to be used against somebody just because you lost. A good example of this is the IRS Scandal. President Obama used the IRS or is alleged to use the IRS to go after conservative groups and Tea Party groups.” …

“It’s a bigger issue than just traffic. Because if it is true, if it looks like someone who won an election is punishing people they beat in the election, that leaves a really bad taste in people’s mouth.”

Now add on the double hit of a federal inquiry into the use of Sandy relief funds and Bridgegate could very well push Christie out of a 2016 nomination. That just leaves more room for a better candidate. Not that I really need to name anyone in particular, right? Ultimately, nobody likes a bully, and they certainly don’t want one in the White House.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)


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