Chinese Steel Dumping Threatens American Jobs

Chinese Steel Dumping Threatens American Jobs

While visiting Ashland in Kentucky last week, Rand Paul took the time to address the darker side of global trade. Chinese steel dumping has threatened to shutter American steel mills and put thousands of American jobs at risk. Senator Paul addressed these fears and asked “How can the Federal Government help?” While no answers are forthcoming, the problems facing Kentucky’s industrial areas remain.

Chinese steel dumping has been problematic across the industrialized west. China can make and sell steel cheaper than many first world western nations can, and lacking protective tariffs, this unfair trade poses a very real threat.

Tariffs are a touchy matter, as some industries may favor cheap imports, and others may require intervention to preserve them. The problem of imported steel is more than just picking economic winners and losers, but also one of strengthening America. If our own steel industry is threatened by cheap imports, then we run the very real risk of losing a key part of our manufacturing sector to foreign intervention.

The Constitution gives the Federal Government the right to levy tariffs, and it is a power that has caused contention from the earliest days of the Republic. Over the history of America, it has been used to protect American industry, empower regional industries, encourage trade, discourage trade, or simply raise revenue. Once again, we stand at a critical point where protectionist intervention is required to save American jobs and American industry. Rand Paul doesn’t want to see America grow weaker in the name of saving a couple bucks on steel, when we are more than capable of making it ourselves.

It is time to take a long, hard look at foreign trade, and question the rules in place that are allowing other nations to dump cheap goods on our shores to the detriment of our workers and our industries.

Chinese steel dumping is a threat to America’s prosperity, and America’s future internal security. Rand Paul is fighting to protect American jobs, and to make sure everyone has a chance for stable, good paying employment, and to see that our industries and manufacturing sector is not weakened by cheap imports. Global trade is important for peace and prosperity, but peace and prosperity begins at home with our own trade and our own industry. Do you stand with Rand Paul in defending American jobs and fighting for the honest steel workers of Kentucky? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Roel Hemkes, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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