Childish Games: IRS Demands Six-Year-Old Boy to Respond Directly

Childish Games: IRS Demands Six-Year-Old Boy to Respond Directly

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Internal Revenue Service: holding six-year-olds accountable for tax returns since God knows when—the less time, the better.

If you laughed, Paulie Smith laughed harder because he is young, oblivious to government policies, and likes to draw with his crayons.  Recently, little Paulie received a letter from the IRS questioning items on a tax return of his.  Naturally, his mother Susan did what most parents would.  She replied in his stead.


Surprisingly (and, again, laughably), the IRS did not find this acceptable.  So, they responded with yet another letter to Paulie.


“Dear Mr. Smith: we don’t recognize Susan F. Smith as someone authorized to discuss your tax file.  If you want Susan F. Smith to be authorized to discuss your return, we suggest you go online and submit form 8892 and form, etc.” 


A childish request deserves a childish answer.  So, in being treated as an adult, Mrs. Smith allowed her son the liberty of responding like one.  What else could she do?  It was the government’s request after all.  Paulie wrote the IRS back.


… In green crayon.


Here is what Paulie had to say.


tax-letter written by 5_year_old

















What do you think about children’s responsibility to discuss tax returns with IRS?  Can such a conversation even be taken seriously?  Is this more humorous or pathetic? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments section below.


Or mail us a letter written in green crayon.


(Photo courtesy of Viral Nova assumed to be taken by Susan F. Smith)



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