Carson and Trump No-Shows, Rand Steps On Stage At Growth & Opportunity Party

Carson and Trump No-Shows, Rand Steps On Stage At Growth & Opportunity Party

A last venture into Iowa politics, the Growth and Opportunity Party was a chance for GOP presidential candidates to showcase their platforms before the next debates. Not everyone attended, but Paul was certainly there.

Where were the others? Well Carson claimed he had to attend a fundraiser in Tennessee and Trump bowed out to go to Virginia. It seems both frontrunners were conspicuously absent from the Iowa GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Party when they could have been meeting with their voters and telling them what their actual platforms were.

Now don’t get me wrong. I saw the CNBC debates as well. Clearly hostile interviewers spent an inordinate amount of time attacking candidates instead of questioning them fairly for voters to decide for themselves who to support. But another thing I noticed was the separation of the wheat from the chafe.

There are several candidates in the GOP trying to hide from tough questions. Now, those might not always be fair. But, at the end of the day, a real president has to answer them all – fair or not. What’s telling to me is who couldn’t stand the heat and is avoiding too much exposure, instead sticking to self-organized, friendly exposure.

Carson is conspicuously missing from this month’s Growth and Opportunity Party and so is Trump, for that matter. You’ll remember Trump, who is personally too afraid of the Spanish language channel, Telemundo, to brave meeting them in an interview and actually had their reporter ejected from a rally, questioning the AMERICAN reporter’s citizenship.

So, the no-shows are of little surprise. Conversely, for those who know Paul, his presence is equally unsurprising. Paul has consistently stood by every word he speaks. You will not hear about “misunderstandings” or “taken out of context”. Paul’s message is clear and simple. He is a supporter of the Constitution and a supporter of the Bill of Rights. His central message at the Growth and Opportunity Party was an unwavering defense of the Constitution and the Amendments; Paul stating we should defend all constitutional amendments “with the same furor and the same passion that we defend the Second Amendment.”

While Trump and Carson were no-shows, Paul was at the Growth and Opportunity Party defending his platform and his message. Do you find it telling that other candidates refused to show? What are your thoughts? Tell us on Twitter. Better yet, keep up with all of Paul’s issues on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

WATCH: Rand Paul Discusses Strategy At Growth & Opportunity Party



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