It Goes Beyond Missing Emails. Can We Trust Hillary Clinton?

It Goes Beyond Missing Emails. Can We Trust Hillary Clinton?

In modern life we hear a lot of talk of “transparency”. For many of us this kind of transparent life is unavoidable, whether of our own choosing or by coercion, our whole life story can be read on Facebook or some other online source. So with our personal lives being permanently monitored, displayed and googled somewhere in cyberspace the life story of the common citizen is easy to read. It is a scrutiny that most of us cannot avoid. But if your name is Hillary Clinton, perhaps that scrutiny is needed.

Public knowledge, accountability and whispers of hidden agendas have been the sparks that have fanned the fires of what is now a major debate about Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State. When Hillary herself finally weighed in and held a press conference on the subject, she said the reasoning behind her personal e-mail use was by no means nefarious but rather just a matter of convenience.

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Hillary maintains that she just wanted to use one email address to avoid the cumbersome burden of having to use two separate devices with two separate emails. So basically she summed it up as just trying to make her life easier; well what’s wrong with that?

A lot, according to Senator Rand Paul on The National Journal. He says that the Clintons have had a long lasting pattern of not holding themselves accountable and for government officials this is simply unacceptable. He told reporters that we should always, “be very careful about officials obeying the law.”

He also highlighted another aspect we should be concerned with: the money trail. Rand Paul certainly didn’t mince any words regarding the recent disclosure that the Clinton Foundation has been receiving millions of dollars from overseas.

“Not only is it the emails and directly flouting the law — I think there’s going to be a constitutional question of whether or not she was receiving foreign gifts while in office,” Mr. Paul said on ‘Fox and Friends.’ “They’ve been receiving millions of dollars in their foundation.”

“Now, they’re gonna say, ‘That’s not us, me directly,’ but do they profit in any way from their foundation? Does it pay for their travel? Does it pay for any of their expenses? She’s got a lot of questions she’s going to have to answer.” (Washington Times)

This is why transparency within government has been, and continues to be, a crucial part of our society. We cannot hold officials like Hillary Clinton to one standard and everyone else to another. Even with the advent of modern communication technology the old adages still apply. Because even in the life we live today, current law, in direct accordance with the “Federal Records Act,” clearly states that email records of government officials must be preserved.

And by law all of Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was in service to this country should be available through the “Freedom of Information Act”. This is supposed to be a crucial part of maintaining a transparent society. So if the rest of us have to live a transparent life under the microscope then Hillary Clinton and her emails are not immune to this same scrutiny either. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Written by Chaz Bowman; Edited by staff


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