Can The Liberty Vote Remake The GOP?

Can The Liberty Vote Remake The GOP?

In Thursday’s GOP debate, in reference to the long history his father has with libertarian minded Republicans, Rand Paul asserted that the “liberty vote” belongs to him, and believes Cruz is not worthy of it.

The liberty vote is that strangely quirky yet realistic bloc of voters who adhere to such insane ideas as small, transparent government, responsible spending, personal liberty and nominal government interference with private matters.

And herein is the funny, nearly schizophrenic nature of the modern GOP. On one hand, we have the worst sort of big government monsters and outright theocrats. People who see nothing wrong with mixing church and state in ways that would make Jefferson spin in his grave, and who then buddy up with warmongers and big industrialists. The same people who think we need an enormous standing army and the ability to spy on all Americans in the dubious name of security share the same party with people who want government out of their bedroom, church out of their government, and government out of their email.

And so it is, Rand Paul is after that bloc of liberty minded voters with a vengeance. They are the soul and conscience of the GOP, and the ones who make it somewhat palatable to the general public. Cruz pretends to support traditional liberty ideas, yet is quick to support the most evil sort of big government programs like NSA spying, and is happy to pander to the military industrial complex.

The GOP has been running on fear and paranoia for so long, it’s forgotten what it’s like to cast aside the self imposed shackles of big government and big military, and actually walk as a free person, unfettered by doubt and mistrust, and walking tall upon the land, instead of cowering and looking for danger and the big government needed to protect them from their overhyped fears.

The liberty vote is the vote that will propel the GOP from a grotesque parody of what it means to be American, to a party that actually respects the rights and freedoms of Americans. Rand Paul is the logical successor to his father’s brilliant libertarian ideals, and is the man to bring the American ideal of liberty and freedom to the 21st Century, and to drag the GOP kicking and screaming out of the horrible dark ages brought on them by the so-called “Moral Majority” of the Reagan era. It’s 2016 folks. Big government is out. Liberty is in.

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Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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