Can The Keystone Pipeline Bill Survive Veto Threats by Obama?

Can The Keystone Pipeline Bill Survive Veto Threats by Obama?

The Keystone Pipeline bill has passed the House with a majority vote of 266-153, moving it on to the Senate. Not surprisingly, Obama has threatened to veto. In fact, threats of vetoing the Keystone Pipeline emerged prior to the House passing. Now America is left to watch in anticipation, as the veto games begin.

History has shown time and time again that threats made by past presidents to veto specific bills have been used as major bargaining chips. According to the NY Times, Obama began making threats of vetoing the Keystone Pipeline as early as day one of the 114th Congress, though he followed those threats with side hints of the potential of room for negotiation. This tactic is commonly used to delay official passing until other political agendas are included.

Considering that Keystone has been a hot Republican issue for a lengthy amount of time, chances are high that Republicans will be open to debate, and willing to give a little to reach their end goal.

In the past, presidents have threatened to use their power of veto, only to later pass the bill they swore to veto. Of course, hours of congressional debate had taken place prior to passing new bills that had fallen under the threat of veto action. This is a common political negotiating tool, and with Obama’s hint of negotiating room, following veto threats, the likely conclusion, is that Obama has found a way to get what he wants, before he gives in to Republican keystone goals.

The one point that is unclear, is just how much Republicans will have to give in order to get their pipeline passed. Basically, it comes down to how long, and to what extent will Obama dangle his power over Republican heads. Will Obama use his veto power to advance EPA regulations? Will he push forward to improve immigration reform?

However, even with a bargaining chip as valuable as the Pipeline, he can lose all ground if he pushes for demands beyond what Republicans are willing to give. Over the next few months of debate, Obama will have the chance to make history if he remains realistic, and if he doesn’t take his power to far.

In many ways, Republicans also have an adequate amount of power. For even though, they realize that the Keystone Pipeline is being dangled before their eyes, they’re also quite aware of the fact that they can push back to prevent policy changes that are more than they want to concede to. After all, a bargaining chip will only work if it retains the highest value.

What are the best ways for Republicans to keep the Pipeline on the table, while also reducing its value, and thereby limiting the power that Obama currently holds? Tweet us or join the debate on Facebook. You can listen below to what Sen. Rand Paul thinks about the President’s recent veto threats.

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