Can Rand Paul Cool Tensions Within the Maine GOP?

Can Rand Paul Cool Tensions Within the Maine GOP?


Divided GOP, in-fighting, “civil war”, none of this is exactly news. We should all be familiar with these kind of headlines but when it comes to the Maine GOP, there’s more to the story.

This is nothing new to Rand Paul who has been trying to unite and especially expand the party. He did his best to gather them together as one at the Maine GOP convention last weekend and did it work? He won a solid victory in the Maine straw poll!

Maine has an ‘independent’ spirit, according to CNN, so it’s no surprise that Rand like his father before him would win the state over. The question is can Rand cool tensions lingering from the 2012 Republican National Convention in Florida?

Many saw the invitation for Paul to speak at the gathering Saturday as state party officials’ effort to reach out to libertarian-leaning members, who were angered by their treatment in 2012. That year they took over the state convention and elected a majority slate of delegates for Paul’s father, Ron, a former GOP congressman from Texas and presidential candidate.

Establishment Republicans challenged that decision and the national committee voted to replace half of Paul’s Maine delegates with Mitt Romney supporters. (Washington Post)

There was no doubt about Ron Paul having strong, passionate support but Romney was the one who became the presidential nominee for the party. I can see how the whole stir-up at the 2012 RNC could leave a bad taste.

It wasn’t that long ago but remember it’s hard to make a difference with an individual vote. It’s when people come together that we can make real progress. Rand Paul is not his father, but he’s pointing out that more can be done by uniting:

“…You win elections by bringing people together, not dividing them, and I believe that really there’s a lot of commonality between folks in the Republican Party and we need to learn somewhat from the Democrats.”

“The Democrats have a hundred different coalitions in their party and they seem to come together to be a bigger party. We need to do the same things.” (Portland Press Herald)


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Rand is trying to pull together a team. It’s all about strategy when it comes to winning elections. The whole point is to be heard and to change things. It’s hard to do this when you’re solo. Thanks to his father’s legacy, Rand Paul is an easy favorite for the Maine GOP. However, if people don’t want to unite under a specific party, can we unite under Rand Paul?

Can the GOP pull itself together? Or will it ‘die’? Share your thoughts below. Get feisty and send us a tweet. Feeling bored today? Spark a discussion on our Facebook page.


(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


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