Californians Say ‘No’ to Mass Incarceration By Passing Prop 47

Californians Say ‘No’ to Mass Incarceration By Passing Prop 47

Good ‘ol Prop 47. For those of you who don’t know, this proposition in California will… y’know… do the sensible thing and work towards helping people stay out of jail rather than in jail. Fun fact, Rand Paul supports Prop 47.

Called the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, Prop. 47 will reclassify six nonviolent felonies to misdemeanor punishments,” writes Rand Paul. “Instead of sending someone to prison for simple drug possession, writing a bad check or petty shoplifting, other forms of accountability – focused on actually changing behavior – will be utilized by prosecutors and judges.”

“The California Legislative Analyst’s Office projects the Act saving taxpayers $150 million to $250 million every year, which would go into drug and mental health treatment, K-12 crime-prevention programs and victims’ services.” (Orange County Register)

This has huge implications for reversing the damage from the War on Drugs. Some people believe that Rand Paul is anti-pot, which he doesn’t comment much on because he’s trying to appeal to straight-and-narrow conservatives as well. However, Paul supports legislation like Prop 47 on the state level.

Rand supports states doing sensible things like not sentencing a kid to a life in prison for growing pot in his college dorm. California’s prisons are overflowing—practically busting at the seams… well… bars. Are these the kind of “criminals” we want in prison? (I love Reason) reports…

The initiative also allows offenders currently serving felony sentences for these offenses, including some inmates sentenced under the state’s draconian Three Strikes law, to petition a court for resentencing. …

California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) estimates California will save “several hundred million dollars annually, primarily from freeing jail capacity” at the county level.

So sweet. Reality finally sets in and makes itself apparent enough that they had to pass something that was retroactive to un-screw their screw-ups. Victory for liberty, people!

But this is just in California for now—Actually, not just in California. Several states have legalized Mary Jane, and we can look forward to more states doing the same when they realize that the cannabis industry means $$$MONEY$$$, and is taxable.

So we libertarians have been fighting the good fight and we’re getting to see (some) results now! That’s good! And if we can get Rand Paul into the White House, things will probably get even better.

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Do you guys look forward to an era of non-prohibition of cannabis? Or is this step forward a tentative and fragile improvement that’s going to get crapped on by some special interest somewhere? Comment below!

Written by Bryan Smith

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