Bulls-eye! Paul Takes Several Shots At The Tax Code (And A NH Gun Bill)

Bulls-eye! Paul Takes Several Shots At The Tax Code (And A NH Gun Bill)

It’s always nice to see Constitutional consistency in a politician and Rand Paul doesn’t disappoint. He combined his relentless anti-tax, anti-IRS position with his staunch support for the Second Amendment, putting on a real demonstration of gun rights by shouldering a rifle and perfectly firing 10 rounds into a box loaded with the federal tax code.

WATCH: Rand Paul Shoots The Tax Code

Followers of the never-ending gun rights saga know: Gun control laws are never about guns but always about control. Paul’s California event served dual purposes. It reminded people about how serious Rand is about changing the tax code and his efforts to protect the Second Amendment.

Paul recently expressed support for a veto override of SB 116 by Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) in New Hampshire. This legislation would have eliminated the need for a State “permission slip” to carry a concealed weapon. Once again, the Democratic governor and allies in the state legislature displayed their disdain for Freedom and gun rights by later blocking the SB 116 override. “Live Free or Die”? Really?

Ya gotta wonder: Are “gun control” supporters ignorant or scared? Probably both, since Ignorance leads to Fear of the Unknown. Rank and file gun control advocates want laws they foolishly believe will protect them from the Boogeyman hiding in the closet. What they can’t seem to grasp is when the Boogeyman is really there, a gun and the ability to use it is precisely what is needed!

Politicians who support gun control are into the “fear and ignorance” thingy, too. Unlike Rand Paul, they’d rather cultivate fear by ignoring the Constitution, playing to the trembling, uninformed masses with unattainable promises of “we’ll keep you safe”. What they really mean is to undermine individual responsibility with fear and ignorance to maintain dependency on the ever-growing State. Oh – and keep them in power, of course. Freedom and Liberty cannot exist without Individual Responsibility; the State is always there to make our decisions for us whenever we don’t.

The significance of Rand Paul’s California event may not have impressed gun control fanatics among the NH Senate Democrats. However, voters got another look at the one Presidential candidate who understands the primo importance of the Second Amendment as well as the freedom that will come from putting a legislative “bullet” into another Boogeyman known as the IRS! Take a few shots of your own at the tax code over on Facebook and Twitter!

(Photo courtesy of Wheeler Cowperthwaite, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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