Bring Our Troops Home From Afghanistan

Bring Our Troops Home From Afghanistan

Obama has set a summer date for bringing our troops home from Afghanistan next year, but not all of our American men and women will be coming home. The Administration may very well extend our involvement with Afghanistan another TEN years. That’s a decade in another country that Rand Paul thinks we should live without.

“When Congress authorized the war in Afghanistan it was not intended to last forever,” Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said. “It has now become the longest war in American history. If the president believes there are compelling national security reasons to require a U.S. military presence in Afghanistan after 2014 he should come to Congress and make that case.”

Senator Paul agrees, stating: “After spending over a decade at war in Afghanistan, it is time to transition our troops home.” (

He and five other senators (Jeff Merkley [D-OR], Mike Lee [R-UT], Ron Wyden [D-OR], Jon Tester [D-MT], and Mark Begich [D-AK] are backing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to get Congress involved in this decision. How long are we going to keep Americans in a foreign country and continue spending U.S. tax dollars in Afghanistan?

In a joint Op-Ed for the New York Times, Rand Paul and two other senators point out the fallacies of trying to build a nation in a society that has been ruled by tribes for centuries. It’s just not going to happen anytime soon.

“Today, despite vast investment in training and equipping Afghan forces, the [Afghanistan’s] deep-seated instability, rampant corruption and, in some cases, compromised loyalties endure. Extending our commitment of combat troops will not remedy that situation.”

“Sometimes our national security warrants extreme sacrifices, and our troops are prepared to make them when asked. In this case, however, there is little reason to believe that the continuing commitment of tens of thousands of troops on a sprawling nation-building mission in Afghanistan will make America safer.”

“…We have urgent needs at home: high unemployment and a flood of foreclosures, a record deficit and a debt that is over $14 trillion and growing. We are spending $10 billion a month in Afghanistan. We need to change course.”

It’s time to focus on nation-building at home, not in Afghanistan.



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