Break-In At Paul’s NH Office! Was It Politically Motivated?

Break-In At Paul’s NH Office! Was It Politically Motivated?

Four iPads, two computers, two cellphones, and a few cameras were stolen from Rand Paul’s NH office. Thieves entered the campaign’s Manchester headquarters between 11:30pm Tuesday and 8:50am Wednesday. Paul Feely, a journalist for The New Hampshire Union Leader, reports that other break-ins in the area along Bridge Street, where Paul’s office is located, have been occurring recently.

Luckily for the Paul campaign, no sensitive campaign data or voter information was compromised. The campaign has been collecting information on New Hampshire voters since its launch in early April.

Sources say that the burglary at Paul’s NH office was not politically motivated. Nevertheless, the timing of the burglary is enough to raise eyebrows. Thursday evening was the last time Republican presidential candidates would have a chance to debate before the much-anticipated Iowa Caucus, which will take place on Monday. Perhaps the news of Paul’s return to the main stage started to worry some of his rivals?

WATCH: Campaign Office Theft At Rand Paul’s Manchester Headquarters

In light of Donald Trump’s increasing level of support among Republican primary voters, no other campaign can afford to lose a single potential balloter or caucus-goer. A strong debate performance by Paul in the final push before Iowa could siphon support from one of his rivals. That may have sent the jitters down one of his rival’s spines.

The break-in could have been an attempt to either rattle his campaign or, even worse, to get ahold of some sensitive information.

Political junkies will recall that historically the days before the Iowa Caucus feature their fair share of hijinks and weird happenings. Everyone remembers when Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus only to have those results scratched two weeks later in favor of Rick Santorum.

The burglary at Paul’s NH office is just another chapter of political shenanigans and weirdness in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus. And, with only a few days left, it may just be the beginning. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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